October Teen Shenanigans

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The Teen Shenanigans is a very special, integral part, of the Family Fun Day experience.  As we all know, our teens are a big help in our families as they grow up, they can do practically as much as us adults, so Teen Shenanigans is an chance for us to reward our teens with a special night out with one or both parents.  A time to eat some homemade Pizza, play cards, dice or board games, and share our faith.

Please RSVP for this month’s event here:

Update!  Brother Gabriel Maria of the Community of St. John will be joining us for this great event.  So clear your schedule, invite your friends and drag your parents to the Teen Shenanigans extravaganza!  We will be preparing and cooking homemade pizza in the famous Cross Patio Pizza Oven and playing games:

  • Farkle, Dominos, Canasta (or your favorite card game)
  • Foosball (table soccer)
  • and depending on how much the beautiful sun dries out the field – maybe some field games like the 32 handle Parachute, soccer or kickball

Hope to see you at the Onion Creek Ranch in Buda this Saturday (October 19th) at 6 pm.


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