Your Holy Family’s mission is to equip and empower parents to live an authentic Catholic family life that will evangelize their children as well as their community.

Your Holy Family Ministries was founded in October 2013 by Allen and Denae Hebert in response to the call of St. John Paul II in  Familiaris Consortio (#54) for families to evangelize the world.  We have nine children and just by our presence at various events in our community, people come up and tell us how beautiful our family is and ask us what our secret is.  In the past, we would simply reply, “By the grace of God”.  While this statement is true, we felt that we needed to provide more practical advice to help other families enjoy the same gift we have been given.  This ministry is our attempt to “be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope” (1 Peter 3:15) and to not only provide other families some practical advice on how to live out holiness within their families, but to equip them to spread this good news too. The world is filled with division and discord, not only within the family, but in what used to be civil discourse.  The disagreements on the nature of marriage and family life are often characterized by demonizing the other side.  We believe that God’s plan for family life is beautiful, and it is our job to focus on our own families and bring them to holiness, when we do this well, people will notice and will want what we have for their own families.  The other competing views of what a family is are deficient in so much as they depart from God’s perfect plan.  The mission of the family is to guard, revel and communicate love (FC 17), if we achieve this goal, even 50% of this goal, we will be a light so bright that everyone we encounter will be drawn to the light of Christ that illuminates our family life. Your Holy Family Ministries is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Our Board of Directors

Fr. Nathan Cromly CSJ

Spiritual Director

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Father Nathan Cromly has been a Brother with the Community of St. John for 12 years. Working in fields as varied as youth ministry and book publishing, Father Nathan serves as Prior of the brothers of St. John in Laredo, Texas. While he was in formation, Father studied in France for five years, and traveled extensively in Europe and North America, preaching and teaching. He is the founder and director of Eagle Eye Ministries. He works extensively to promote Marian consecration through video, the web, and written publications. Father has hosted radio series through RadioMaria, has been a guest on EWTN’s Life on the Rock, Focus TV, and is a member of the Apostolate for Family Consecration’s teaching faculty. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Biblical Studies from John Paul the Great Catholic University.

Jerry and Abigail Ahrens

Board Members

Jerry and Abigail Ahrens live in Sister Bay, WI with their 10 children, ranging in age from 4 to 20. They have been actively involved with Your Holy Family Ministry since 2013. Jerry is a cradle Catholic, whose faith was challenged by Abigail–a Protestant–when they first met and began dating. After following God’s leading, Abigail joined the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil in 2001. They have grown together in faith continually in their journey together. Family life is a priority for them, and they are grateful for the opportunity to share with you about the beauty of a fully Catholic, Faith-filled, family life.

Allen Hebert

Co-Executive Director

Allen Hebert is an Information Technology professional who has worked as a Sales Engineer for the past 15 years at various companies. He has been married to his Wife Denae for almost 32 years and they have been blessed with nine children. In his spare time he volunteers his time and talent in varying capacities within the Catholic Church. He attended Catholic Schools from Kindergarten through College, and was a member of the Capital Campaign committee and led the technology committee at Holy Family Catholic School in Austin, TX. He was a member of the Speakers Bureau for the Office of Pro-life Activities in the Diocese of Austin, a member of the Adult Faith Formation core team and frequent presenter and Master of Ceremonies in both RCIA and the Jesus is Lord adult faith formation programs at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock, TX and a former board member of the Central Texas Fellowship of Catholic Men and the Alexander House Apostolate. In 2013, Allen and his wife Denae founded Your Holy Family Ministries in which they have organized, led and presented at over 10 retreats for families. Allen has authored three books, 33 Day Family Consecration and Coloring book and Abuse of Trust.

Allen and Denae reside in Charlotte, NC

Denae Hebert

Co-Executive Director

Denae Hebert is a homeschooling mother of 9. She has been married to her husband Allen for almost 30 years. Denae is an educator by trade and holds a Masters in Educational Administration. She served on the Development Board for Holy Family Catholic School in Austin, TX, and is currently on the Board of FISCHETeen, (Families in Support of Catholic Homeschool Education Teen Program) She developed and coordinated monthly retreats for FISCHETeen since 2010. Denae has also been planning and coordinating Family Retreats with the Community of St. John since 2012. Denae and her husband Allen are the co-founders of Your Holy Family Ministries.

Allen and Denae reside in Charlotte, NC

Ellen Hebert

Board Member

Ellen Lively is a young adult who has a passion for serving the Lord.  She ireceived a degree in Nursing at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio and is currently working at the Austin State Hospital.  She served as a member of the choir and the Pastoral Council at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock, TX.  She served as a member of the Service Corp at the Apostolate for Family Consecration’s Catholic Family Land in Ohio and has served on the young adult retreat teams for Your Holy Family’s Retreats for Families.

Denae-and-Allen-Hebert Allen and Denae Hebert have been married for over 31 years and have been blessed with nine children.  They founded Your Holy Family in October of 2013.  For more information about Allen and Denae and their family, please visit their blog at

The Community of St. John has been an integral part in the formation of Your Holy Family Ministries.  They have been providing spiritual leadership and guidance for the past nine years at the Annual Family Retreat in Buda, TX.  More information about the Brothers of St. John can be found at their US website.