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Let the Children come, Overcoming Challenges at Church

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Pope Francis recently said that “Children’s tears are the best sermon” and he encouraged parents to bring their children to mass even though they may cause a disruption from time to time.  I agree with the Pope completely, too often parents stop bringing their children or stop coming to Church all together due to ugly comments or dirty looks by fellow parishioners.  While I do think that it is ok for children to have an occasional outburst during ...

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Raising Saints, Missionaries, and Martyrs

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Your Holy Family

The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance, encouragement, and practical advice on how to live out the Gospel within your family.  The Gospel message is consistent and can be applied not only to individual lives, but to family life as well.  Our families should reflect the love of God in our fallen world.This may sound like an unattainable goal but it isn’t, the Gospels tell us with God, all ...

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A Family that Plays Together…

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In May of 2011, we  hosted a parish dance at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock, TX featuring L’Angelus.

L’Angelus is a family band that has Cajun and Irish roots.  The musicians are the Rees family’s four oldest children: Katie, 28; Paige, 27; John, 24; and Steve, 23  In addition to the 4 oldest, the Rees family has four younger children.  They are a shining example of a family who is seeking to follow God’s plan for their lives.

My family first encountered ...

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